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Many people see it as a paradox, a rare juxtaposition of the holy and the profane. It only is reality in a huge city like Bangkok, where also bangkok massage girls picture can be viewed. However, you may spot an ultra-modern department store adjacent to a centuries old Buddhist temple. This does not have to be a mistake by the zoning experts, but is more the city’s natural character whose growth is epitomised by spiritual matters and modern ambition. The Thais escape from congestion and heat in one of the many shopping malls. They truly feel good spending a few hours while window shopping, not necessarily purchasing items but always keeping updated with all things new. At their ancient temples, they enjoy the calmness of the splendid gardens and serene pavilions. They are masters about spending an amount of time looking inward during their meditations, totally distanced from the material world. These entirely different states of being are indispensable to the image and essence of contemporary Bangkok.